Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Glamour in my Life!

  Almost a year ago I found out about a magazine that took me to a different world of glamourous fashion, beauty, health and social life.I found GLAMOUR MAGAZINE!
I've been readin Glamour UK magazine since then and it's my favourite,I never let a month passes without getting it, it's money well payed.

  Their fans' tweets show it all!starting with their interest in their fans ending up with the glamour list.
I never found a magazine that cares about its' fans the way Glamour magazine does.
Glamour talk about major girls' insecurities and worries, it brings you a huge push with motivation, whenever I read Glamour my eyes are masmerized to each and every word I see, every article is a life changing experience for many girls.

  One of my favourite things to read on Glamour us "It's Okay" it's so important for girls to know that their problems aren't the end of the world, and that you don't have to be perfect all the time.Good is also great, I personally ruined my life trying to be perfect, it was a major failing factor in my life, but when I took a step backward and focused on being good instead of perfect, it really helped me going with less stress and so much success.

  And to make their issues even better they sometimes talk about my idol Olivia Palermo, I can't start talking about what a socialite genuise she is!

  There's also another great section "Do's and Dont's". It helps you so muchto be careful to the little details you usually miss, and sometimes this details can change your whole look!I love how it gives celebrities examples which is so clear for everyone to understand.

  Yet there's more glamour in Glamour magazine. I can't avoid talking about this amazing article that inspired me so much when I was feeling down, the flower of hope it raised in me, expended my view for the future.It's called "Dear Louise", it's an article of what she was in the past and how much she changed till now, and how proud she is of herself, it discusses what would she tell herself in the past to worry less and keep on going.

 Glamour is not just about fashion and personality, it also talks about social life and how you should behave in society, so many articles about love, many benefits to enjoy!

  Horoscopes and healthy tips is also included in the wonderful magazine, seriously do you think Glamour forgot to mention somethin?!I think NOT!

  They put so many celebrities styles, and their true stories, they also talk about real life tragedies to learn from.

  I cant talk forever on what a perfect magazine Glamour is, even nails and style inspirations wasn't forgotten in  their issues.I hope you all give it a try because personally I can't miss a month without getting my issue of Glamour magazine, and I hope you all enjoy reading it.

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