Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blazers Everywhere!!

As you all know Fashionista gets inspired from everywhere, the street, friends, internet, or even blogs.
I can't help it but notice that people are wearing blazers excesively!Everywhere I go there's blazers, it's a wonderful thing to look at, the colors, the shapes and even the places people are wearing blazers to is also something to be noticed.
So I thought maybe Fashionista should help you choose the right blazer for the right occasion.Blazers make everything look classy and elegant, with or without heels, it gives you such confidence when you are wearing it.
Black blazers are seen everywhere especially on celebrities

But celebrities didnt stop there, yes they took blazers to the red carpet, such a glamour!
Irina Shayk is looking magnificent blocking her black outfit with a white blazer.

Neon blazers are getting noticeable this summer, neon colors are everywhere and blazers were not an exception.The amazing rainbow is shinning now wherever you look, and you cant help it but enjoy these full of life colors.

For some people neon is too "exposing" for them, so ofcourse fashion didnt let anyone hate blazers!Now blazers are in all colors possible without any shimmer to it, not neon not anythin that would make you uncomfortable with what you are wearing, yet it makes you so fashionable with these simple but beautiful spring colors.

For all the lovers of vintage fashion, blazers never took a break from the redcarpet look,to the neon, spring color, and now to the vintage.Whether its 70's style with floral prints all over, the fabrics it is designed for, or even the high stuffed shoulders, vintage blazers rocked the fashion field, these amazing vintage designs for blazers have made everyone a fan of blazers.

I cant believe all these fashionable ideas and designs for one item.I want to remind you all that sometimes the basic items make you look so fashionable and stylish.Now, we can all look fashionable at work, in school or anywhere we go, blazers are IN and its a great inverstment paying money for such a basic fashionable item that you can wear simply anywhere and look the best! 


  1. I love blazers!!Exactly Kim's blazers...They're really pretty.I♥ these pictures.:)