Monday, March 31, 2014

Midnight Talk: Let's Get Personal!

Hey Fashionistas!! How are you all doing?! Long time no see..
Sorry for being the absolute worst blogger on earth but you know what?! I'm back stronger than ever!
It's definitely not a fashion post but I thought why don't we catch up a little?!
I've been doing amazing!! 2014 is being great to me since I decided to open up a little.I met some awesome people and I made so many new friends(Feeling loved)
 I'm graduating within a couple of months so things are starting to get really serious and I need to find a job like all the grown ups do lol!!
Fashionista is getting more serious in days, new plans and projects very soon I promise. Non stop invitations for fashion weeks, too bad I cant leave Lebanon because I'm about to graduate (priorities).
I've been working out more than usual, staying organized and studying of course.
My family is doing great we're expecting some new comers and I'm so excited!
My fashion sense has definitely improved, now that I'm happy and at peace with life I have more room in my mind to plan a nice outfit and I've been getting compliments all the time.

So yeah.. That's how I'm doing and I'm sorry for disappearing shame on me lol
But I wish you're all having a good time and enjoying life.. Cause honestly that's why we're here for to enjoy our time and be happy! So smile my gorgeous Fashionistas, you're beautiful.

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