Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to whiten your teeth naturally

1Brush and floss. Preventing your tooth from discoloration is easier than removing stains, which is why these natural tooth whitening and bleaching techniques are extremely important. Brushing and flossing play a huge role in keeping teeth clean and white. Failing to keep up on these habits allows staining and tooth decay to creep in, both of which cause discoloration.
2Eat crunchy foods. Crunchy foods will help remove much of the sugars and chemicals that cause stains and cavity.
3Rinse with water after eating. Removing any leftover food or residue from your teeth will help prevent stain and decay.
4Try fruits with tooth whitening abilities. Certain fruits have the ability to whiten tooth naturally and they act as excellent and simple tooth whiteners or bleachers like strawberries that contain natural whitening agents and is one of the popular home remedies for tooth whitening and bleaching.

Rub strawberry onto your teeth or make a paste out of strawberry. It is necessary to brush your teeth immediately with toothpaste after rubbing strawberry, because it contains acids and sugars that can be harmful to your teeth.
Bay Leaves and Orange Peel; the mixture of bay leaves and orange peel is also one of the tooth whitening at-home methods. Dry the orange peel and powder the bay leaves properly. Apply this mixture on your teeth, to make them whiter.
A few vegetables like cucumbers, broccoli, celery and carrots are also natural simple tooth whiteners. You can get rid of teeth stains by eating these vegetables.
5Consider using wood ash. Wood ash is also one of the old time home technique for tooth cleaning and whitening; but this causes the enamel to become thinner and should be avoided.
6Apply baking soda. Baking soda is one of the tooth whiteners that not only whitens but also cleans. It has been used for bleaching and whitening since centuries, even before the invention of toothpastes. All you have to do is take a bit of baking soda and prepare a paste by putting some water and a pinch of salt in it. Brush your teeth with this paste in a normal manner. After brushing, rinse your mouth properly, to remove all the baking soda out of the mouth. Baking soda is safer than hydrogen peroxide. But, do not brush with this paste regularly, only twice a week.
7Apply hydrogen peroxide. This is best known as a powerful bleaching agent. It is a chemical substance with the composition H2O2. The liquid is pale blue but appears colorless when diluted. This useful and versatile substance is employed as an antiseptic, disinfectant, oxidizer and even as a propellant for rockets! And it is also an ingredient in tooth pastes, disinfectants and mouth washes. That is why hydrogen peroxide is best known as a powerful bleaching agent and also an active ingredient. Hydrogen peroxide for the tooth whitening is a widely used remedy to achieve a smile that will brighten any room.

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