Friday, March 23, 2012

Kim Kardashian's Look

1Get a natural look. Kim often has a natural look. Use bronze foundation, try going a bit more tan. Use Lip Glosses in colors such as light Pink and Sugar Brown. Do an outline around the lips, to make them look slightly bigger. With the eyes, use a dark Eye Liner, and mascara. Go for the smokey look by using Sliver or Gray eye shadow.Use your false eyelashes and pluck your eyebrows.

2Kim has made herself famous by dying her hair a honey mouse brown and then turning herself into a dark brown haired women. Kim loves waves and curls so think waves and curls. Use a smooth and slick shampoo and look after your hair as normal, condition daily. Turn your looks super glossy. Kim’s hair is long if your hair is not use extensions.

3Go on a mini shopping spree. Kim loves expensive clothing! You could wait until the January sells if you wish. Buy mini jewellery such as fake diamond rings and sliver or gold chains. The kardashians also have their very own cloth line now. Kim loves handbags and purses and practically any things girlylicious. A fake designer bag is good one.
4Keep your nails neat and tidy. Kim uses nail extensions and she also loves to paint them! Kim likes getting them done professionally. If you can not stop biting your nails, use a bitter tasting nail polish, this works wonders.

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